The Huffington Post profiles Paraíso in article "The Abu Dhabi Film Festival: Where Cinematic Dreams Do Come True"
Chicago Tribune Writes Feature on Paraíso: Documentary Short Gives View of, Reflections by 3 Window Washers
"Chicago's peaks of steel give the film grandeur. But the men ground the film in the reality of Chicago's deep class divisions..."
Paraíso will show at 2012 DC Shorts Film Festival
Screening Information:
Fri, 9/7 - 7:00 PM - E Street Cinema
Sun, 9/9 - 8:00 PM - E Street Cinema
Thurs, 9/13 - 9:00 PM - E Street Cinema
Paraíso will show at 2012 Melbourne International Film Festival
Screening Information:
Sat, 8/11 - 11:00 AM - Greater Union Cinema 3
Paraíso will show at 2012 Traverse City Film Festival
Screening Information:
Sun, 8/5 - 9:00 AM - Milliken Auditorium
Huffington Post: Wrapping Up the Los Angeles Film Festival
"Delightful, probing, insightful, and most importantly, ennobling its subjects without the least trace of condescension, Kurtz takes you on a 10 minute ride to the top of the world with men who face death on a daily basis just to feed their families...It's enough to make John Steinbeck cry."
Paraíso shows at the 2012 AFI-Discovery Channel Silverdocs Documentary Festival
Paraíso wins Sterling Short Honorable Mention.
Jury Comments, “For taking the audience to new heights in experiencing a unique perspective on immigrant labor through beautifully-lensed and adventurous cinematography, the jury recognizes [Paraiso] with an Honorable Mention.”
Paraíso wins Best Documentary Short at the 2012 Seattle International Film Festival
Jury Comments:
"For approaching literally lofty subject matter from a down-to-earth perspective, and for allowing the subjects to tell their own stories."
Paraíso shows at the 2012 Sheffield Doc Festival
Screening time: June 15th, 2012 5:15PM
Tribeca 2012 Jury Comments:
“This film is a beautifully crafted portrait of a group of men with a sense of humanity and a very unique view of the world. In 10 minutes we were drawn into a story that told us about human nature, quality of life, economics, race, the importance of family and mortality. The men may be invisible to the world rushing below them, but they see through the windows they’re washing—deep into the lives and souls of the people behind the glass. It’s cinematically exquisite, with light so rich it’s thrilling to watch.”
Jurors - Brett Ratner, Susan Sarandon, James Spione, Shailene Woodley, Scooter Braun, Robert Hammond and Susan Zirinsky.
Great review by Christianne Benedict, IndieWIRE
"Mission: Impossible has nothing on this..." "A bittersweet sense of mortality..." "A beautiful film"